Wednesday, March 31, 2010

32 Flavors of Shoes - Anne Klein Velvet Zebra Flats

I love these shoes. They are soooooo comfortable and, in my world, they go with everything. The only drawback is they are velvet which limits their wear to 2-3 seasons.


32 Flavors of Bags - Hayden Harnett Burke Satchel in Yam

Today is the first outing for my Burke Satchel. Although this is a fall bag I decided to try her out now to see if she'll make the cut. The color of this bag is amazing and I think the stitching gives it an "Anne of Green Gables" schoolgirl vibe. The size is a bit small although the wide mouth opening makes it easy to get things in an out of the bag. My biggest concern is the style of the bag may be too preppy for my tastes. Conclusion .... stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am so obsessed with Korean stationary right now. Someone on tPF got me hooked and I cannot stop looking at planners and diaries and whatnot.

Today's obsession (in orange if anyone wants to buy me a birthday present 5 months too early (kidding) (mostly))

apropos of nothing

I finally finished filing our taxes and I got a hilarious message from Turbo Tax congratulating me on making so much less money last year compared to the prior year (because less income = less taxes). But I'll take congratulations any where I can.

32 Flavors of Shoes - Ancient Asics Trainers

I have not been to the gym since Clinton was in office. So why do I own so many pairs of sneakers? If I include my Converse All Stars - I own at least 10 pairs of sneakers. Which is absurd. More absurd is the fact that I persist on hanging on to these Asics trainers. I have other newer running shoes in case hell freezes over and I decide to do something more athletic than walk to the refrigerator for a snack. But these Asics have been with me forever and I cannot bring myself to part with them. Even though my cats have eaten the backs off of them. Even though the gel cushion seems to have hardened like the insides of a Stretch Armstrong doll that have been exposed to air. Even though they are not meant to be worn with street clothes.

Asics, why can't I quit you?

Monday, March 29, 2010

matilda 0 pants 2

How can one person (me) be so incompetent when it comes to pants? Today's malfunction - I have wedged the zipper pull of my pants in such a way that I can no longer access it to re-zip my pants. So I am walking around with my fly open (which is oddly freeing) and my shirt pulled out to avoid terrifying my co-workers with my belly.

Rhetorical question of the day

Readers, what is it about a brand new tube of lipstick that brings me to my knees? Why does my heart flutter? Why do I keep buying tube after tube when I almost NEVER apply more than one application in the morning (which is gone by 9am)? Why don't I feel the same thrill when I get a new case at work or when I'm presented with a plate of vegetables for dinner?

As you have probably guessed I broke my ban yesterday. Please welcome "Rose Crepe" to my collection of mostly unworn lipsticks. Rose is pretty sheer color - much less intense on the lips than in the tube (as my my friend's sister would say, "your lips but better"). She comes in a very satisfying tube and is 100% natural. The texture is a bit drying but that may be a personal problem (I have very dry skin, hair, everything). Due to problems with my photo software I did not edit out the ominous shadow in the picture. Maybe that's appropriate considering this is a banned item.

32 Flavors of Bags - Cole Haan Laury Patent Quilted Medium Tote Bag

Who cares if it is cold and rainy - I am breaking out a spring bag! I got this bag on super mega sale last year and I love it. I love the color (not only because it is called mermaid) and the size and the fact that I can wear it in the rain. I'm pretty sure she is a keeper.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today I tackled one rack in my closet. Have I mentioned how much I love velvet hangers? So much so that I had to place the rest of my organizing on hold so I could order more. Here are my sweaters happily organized by weight and color*. I did not take any before shots because they would have been shameful. Suffice it say my tax write off for donations in 2010 will be epic.

* Note: if you ever see me in a store holding a purple or pink sweater, please grab it out of my hand and remind me that I cannot wear purple and pink. More importantly - I don't even like purple and pink - so why did I buy so many sweaters in those colors? I suspect a purple and pink conspiracy - is afoot. Please save me from it and from myself.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Purchase When on Ban Hiautus

If my first purchase in August when the ban is on hiatus in August is not a pair of tweezers for my office - please slap me. At the risk of TMI, I have a lot of things to pluck that I only seem to notice when I am in my sunny office.

Accessory of the Day

After yesterday's accessory overload, I decided to keep things simple today. Or maybe I have a hangover from drinking too much wine last night and rushed out of the house this morning grabbing the first thing on my dresser. Who knows? In any event, to dress up today's outfit of olive green cargo style cords, black t-shirt and black hoodie, I am rocking my Hayden Harnett "Joey" cuff in black patent leather. I'm a big fan of these cuffs because they fit my chubby wrists. Plus I think they add that rocker chick vibe - that Lucky magazine is always telling me I should have - without making me feel like too much of a tool.

Say hello to Joey ...

Website of the day

This looks like someplace I should spend a lot of time.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

32 Flavors of Bags Rebecca Minkoff MAM in Teal

This is an amazing bag. For those of you who have not yet concluded that I am an idiot, I will confirm that data point right now by telling you this is bag is only on my "maybe list" Why? Two reasons - first it is a little too small (see my orange haze MAM post) and second because teal is just not as versatile for my wardrobe as I would want. Still it is a beautiful bag and it has silver hardware which is sorely lacking in my bagdrobe.

Wear It March 24, 2010

I have to go to court today so I'm wearing a grey pantsuit (snore). I'm also experimenting with layers (don't envy me because I am so edgy) - to wit a white tank, turquoise t-shirt, plastic necklace, scarf, and, because I'm me, some well placed bits of cat fur.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wear It March 23, 2010

As you can probably tell by now, one of my favorite colors is green - especially shades of army/pea/olive. I'm not sure it is the most flattering color on me but it has not stopped me from amassing a large collection of green sweaters and pants. Today's sweater is from Ann Taylor Loft and I love the chiffon details. I've paired it with yet another turquoise necklace and the ubiquitous white ribbed tank. I'm also wearing my favorite pair of black pants making the whole outfit a keeper.

Monday, March 22, 2010

32 Flavors of Bags - Treesje Presely Satchel in Black Shine

This is one of my default bags when the weather is poor. It is very hearty and I love the detailing. It also has a shoulder strap which makes it billion times easier to carry than many of my other bags.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Before and After

This weekend's resolution... to clean off the dresser. To say it had gotten out of hand is perhaps, a bit of an understatement.

Product Endorsement - Velvet Hangers

Am I the last person in the world to discover the genius of velvet hangers? I bought a bunch of these recently and they are amazing! Everything stays put! Even this polyester robe stays on. Plus they are super thin so you gain closet space.

I cannot speak to their durability or whether or not they cause cancer but my impression so far is that these are worth every penny.

I got mine at Amazon, go buy some and change your life.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New organization

This week I invested in a new shoe rack. My concept was if I had a rack that held 32 pairs it would help me manage my shoes better. My old shoe rack was a pocket style which was serviceable but had some limitations - the biggest being that the pockets were not big enough for trainers or boots.

I have not yet filled the rack (not for lack of shoes) but so far so good.

In case you were wondering what happened to the old rack, I re purposed it to hold my belts and scarves.

Ta da!

Friday, March 19, 2010

30 Second Update

OMG - I just found a cookie in my desk. I must have stashed it there earlier this week. Mmmmmm cookie.

32 Flavors of Shoes - Navy Velvet Crocs

I know Crocs are horrifically uncool but these shoes work for me on so many levels. First of all, they are comfortable (they weigh next to nothing but feel more substantial than many of my proper shoes). Second, they work with a variety of outfits. Third, they are fairly inexpensive which means I don't worry about ruining them.

My only hesitation in granting them a spot on the list is : 1) they are two season shoes; and 2) I'll have to get rid of other far more expensive pairs of shoes to make room for these.

This post is probably evidence of why most people hate America. I should probably go take another pro bono case.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mail Call

World of Julie writes:

"Ok, so here's something that I'm dying to know. Do you use a different bag every day? And, if so, do you transfer all your stuff? Do you have duplicate stuff? Do you have one of those purse organizer thingies, so you have like a bag within a bag?"

Excellent question (because all questions about me or purses are inherently excellent or at least a refreshing break from the questions I get at work).

I change purses every few days. Sometimes I go a week with one bag, sometimes I use two bags in one day. I used to use one bag a year mostly because the process of changing bags was so arduous and tedious to me (yes I AM that lazy). I have tried commercial organizers (Pursekeet, etc) but in the end I solved my problem with the use of little mini pouches. I currently have three in play. One from 1154 lill studio (a birthday gift from Anne) that has my pills, keys, misc. junk and sometimes my phone, one from Rebbecca Minkoff that houses my camera, and one from Hayden Harnett which houses my make-up, mirrors etc. My diary /planner also came with its own bag that I use to keep it safe.

So now changing purses is really just a matter of dumping my wallet, brush, phone and bags from one bag to another. This is made a lot easier by my penchant for large purses.

The only downside to this system is that I cannot use all the cute compartments that are part of many of my bags. Well I could use them but that would lead to me inevitably forgetting some important item when I make the switch.

Here's a shot of my bag contents today. The bag is by Alexander McQueen and will probably get its own post one day because it is a seriously gorgeous bag.

Wear It March 18, 2010

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if the sofa in a retirement community center in Miami got up and hitched a ride to the Northeast and started practicing law?

Well now you know.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Save this outfit

I really love this jacket. I scored it for next to nothing at an Old Navy clearance sale and it is surprisingly flattering. The problem is I don't know what pants to wear with it. Jeans are the obvious choice but I that limits my ability to wear it work. Anyone have any other ideas? While we're on the subject - what do you think of the navy t-shirt and yellow scarf combo? Too much color?

One less flavor of shoes

My cats have joined in my crusade against consumerism by destroying yet another pair of shoes. These flats were only $14 on super clearance so this was one of their less expenisve lunches. They were shockingly comfortable and worked great with suits and they will be missed. RIP red leather flats. You will be missed.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not making it work

I celebrated having power this morning by spending more than one minute on my make-up. I have an eye shadow palette that gives instructions as to various "looks". This morning I chose "runway" which is a combination of purples and browns. I am not sure if the result is worth the extra minute of time but it was a fun break in routine.

This photo is kind of freaky so I may need to take it down at some point. Be thankful, however, that I cropped out my under eye area which appears to be comprised of dark circles and chicken skin.


30 second update

Here's a shot of the inside of the lady bag. Almost as pretty as the outside.

32 Flavors of Bags - Hayden Harnett Pamela Dowel Lady Bag in Pewter

Today's bag was purchased, in part, because of its classification as a "lady bag". I figured once I owned her, my life would become a series of white gloves and seamed stockings, three martini lunches, and Don Draper whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Unfortunately, this bag, while gorgeous, may not be able to withstand the rigors of 12 hour work days and lunches of cold French fries and Zantac. She is already protesting being asked to port about the 12 tons of crap I usually toss in my bag.

Rather than subject you all to yet another chest shot, I photographed Pamela with today's scarf. This GORGEOUS scarf from J. Crew was a holiday present from my bff. Not only is it my favorite color but it is super soft, super light, and super warm. You should all go buy a million of these in every color, you will not regret it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lucky necklace

We have been without power since Saturday. I briefly considered using my computer/television free time to organize my handbags or shoes but ended up blowing it all on a good mystery novel and a few games of Upwords with mr. deathstar.

I have to go to court this afternoon so I'm wearing a full grey pantsuit on to which I just dumped a ton of printer toner. Yay me.
Since my outfit is not fit for display I thought I'd share today's necklace. This is actually a broach which converts into a pendant. It belonged to my mom and I wear it when I want to feel close to her and/or I need some luck. I believe it has some sort of magical powers because I wore this for my interview to be Editor and Chief of law review (and got the job despite the fact that I was a mediocre student with only marginally decent editing skills). Even it was not lucky, I still think this a cool necklace.

Friday, March 12, 2010

32 Flavors of Bags Rebecca Minkoff MAM in Orange Haze

Today's offering is this lovely orange bag from Rebecca Minkoff. Although I adore the color I fear this one may not make the final cut due to its smaller size. I really need to reevaluate my lifestyle/ propensity to carry so much stuff but that's the subject for another day.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wear it March 11, 2010

After yesterday's pants fiasco, I played it safe today by wearing drawstring cargos (see my March 4th review for details).

I also MacGyvered a vintage necklace so it would fit around my fat neck. Yay for paperclips!

Boo, however, for hi-resolution photographs. I never noticed that I had visible pores on my chest until now.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shoe of Day

What do you think of these shoes? I snagged these for $15 at a sale. I almost never wear heels anymore but these are really comfortable. They are also perfect for days when I wear super long pants that I couldn't be bothered to hem (or when my pants are falling off due to my inability to work a sans-a-belt). Although they have a lot going for them - I just don't know if they are worthy of a precious spot on my list. Thoughts?


One of my "less is more" role models is my friend Julie. Not only does she maintain a hilarious website about her life and family, she also spent a year getting rid of a lot of excess stuff from her life. Check out her clutter free adventures here.....

32 Flavors of Bags Rebeca Minkoff Matinee in jade

Until quite recently I never owned more than one of the exact same brand/design of any item (with the exception of my Converse All Stars which I own in 5 colors). Then I bought a Rebeca Minkoff Matinee bag. And another. And another. Lather, rinse, repeat with the Rebeca Minkoff MAB, the Hayden Harnett Sonia, and the Hayden Harnett Corcovado, and the next thing you know I'm a crazy, compulsive, purse hoarder who had to start a blog in the hopes that public shame would save her from collapsing under the weight of her crap and/or debtor's prison.

Despite being the gateway to my inevitable appearance on A&E's Horders
, the Rebeca Minkoff Matinee is a great bag (I would have killed for these side pockets when I was commuting to NYC). The jade color is wonderful and the leather is soft and squishy and delicious. I am pretty certain I'll end up with at least two Matinee's on my final list and jade is a very strong contender.

Pants 1, matilda 0

Are any of my readers old men over the age of 65 or or vintage golf clothing enthusiasts? If so please contact me about my pants. I am wearing a pair of lovely Glen Plaid trousers from the Gap with "sans-a-belt" styling which I cannot figure out how to work. I attempted to tighten one side and cannot get the hook/clip thing back on. Thus, my pants are literally hanging off my left side.

In the grand scheme of my wardrobe malfunctions this is certainly not the worst (see the ballroom dress incident of 2001, aka the night I mooned the world; or the Teddy Graham in the bra incident of 1999; or pretty much all of the years 1983-1992). However I am meeting two new potential clients today and I am pretty sure their confidence in my legal ability will be undermined by my inability to work my pants.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

32 Flavors Alexander McQueen hobo in military green

This week marks the first outing of this lovely bag from Alexander McQueen (RIP). This pea/olive green is one of my favorite colors and the bag is a great size for me. I wish the outside pockets were easier to access but all in all I think this one is a keeper.

Wear it March 9, 2010

In case you were wondering, I kicked some serious ass in court yesterday. I am rewarding myself (please let me have used that correctly), by declaring it casual Tuesday. Here's what I have planned. The sweater is from Ann Taylor Loft, the necklace is J. Crew, the tank and jeans are from Old Navy.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Send ginger ale or a magical filing fairy or both

Working on Saturdays sucks. Especially when you have a stomach bug that prevents you from keeping any food down.

Wear It March 6, 2010

What is it about having to work on a Saturday that makes me dress like a color blind six year old who was given $20 and let loose at an Old Navy clearance sale? The one upside of working alone in the office? Breaking out my new white patent leather Converse All Stars and playing music really loudly.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wear It March 5, 2010

Ever wonder what would happen if Courtney Love and Annie Hall were forced to work together on an outfit for Project Runway? Come to my office today and find out.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wear It March 4, 2010


I wore these for the first time today. For no good reason they were on the floor of my closet this morning. The bad news is that wearing these pants was probably the best part of my day. The good news is that these pants are the awesome. Super comfortable, great color, and they don't make me hate myself too much. These are keepers.
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Sound advice

Gentle reader, if you are regular follower of this blog (all four of you!) you are probably expecting another post about my daily wardrobe challenges and triumphs. I am breaking form this morning to write the first (and maybe last) entry wherein I offer some sound advice and demonstrate why it is a good thing I am not a parent.

If you find yourself having a day, we'll call it yesterday, in which you work for 12 hours, 11 of which are filled with people yelling at you and papercuts, you may think it is a good idea to go home and drink all the beers you have in the refrigerator. After which you may try to take your mind off your troubles by playing Bejewled Blitz on Facebook until you get carpal tunnel. Then you may find yourself wide awake at midnight with a sore wrist and poor decision making skills and a bottle of Advil PM in arms reach. Five hours later after a dream involving you, Robert Pattinson, and a tricycle, you will wake up, put on the clothing you find on the floor and head to the donut store where you order 6 donuts but get 6 free and find yourself a few hours later in a haze of self loathing with crumbs in your bra prattling on about your misadventures on your vanity blog.

Advice: Don't be me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

32 Flavors of Bags - Marc by Marc Jacobs Posh Turnlock Solid Remy

Confession, I purchased this bag because it had the word "posh" in the name. Happily, and unlike 99% of my other stupidly motivated purchases, I love this bag. It is very light weight, weatherproof, and roomy enough for most of my crap. I even like the lining which has a Little House on the Prairie vibe. Although I have a lot of black patent bags, I have a feeling that this one will make the final cut.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Boots part two

Here's a shot of the heel area. There is also some sort of harness detail on the back that clinks when I walk, thus announcing my presence to the world and fucking up any chance I had of sneaking up on a gazelle and slaughtering myself some lunch.

Calves of Doom

Today's boots - shot from the most unflattering angle possible. I purchased these awhile ago from a fat* lady clothing store which sells boots for people with ample calves. I love the color and the flat heel. I just don't know if these are perfect enough to make the list (there is a sponge worthy joke in here somewhere).

* in case you were wondering, I do not use the term fat pejoratively. It is an adjective that describes me and, if the news is to be believed, 95% of America. I find it is useful shorthand and use the word a lot. I tried to use chubtastic and fatty McGee but fat seems to fit better. Now that I've got you thinking about me and fat, I also note that I do not use the term in some sort of passive aggressive, disingenuous, self deprecating, plea for attention**. I am fat. I used to be thin. Someday I may be magenta or feathery or made of Life Savers. Who knows. The world is a strange place and I ingested some things in college that I probably shouldn't have.

** Do not infer that in other matters I am not passive aggressive, disingenuous, self deprecating, or an attention whore. I am all those things plus an assload of sarcasm.

So, um, what do you think of the boots?

Wear It March 2, 2010

Today's outfit - EPIC fail*. It looked great when I laid it out this morning but in practice it is a hot mess. It is hard to pinpoint the source of the failure - is it the dress, the cardigan, the monochromaticness, or just my body? I think I will keep the dress to use in a future sewing experiment but the cardigan goes in the charity bin.

It seems a shame to get rid of a black cardigan but I need to stick to my guns about what works and what doesn't.

On the plus side I finally put on a cute pair of boots that have been in my closet for ages. I am not sure if they will make the 32 flavors cut but they have massive potential. More on these later.

* To prove my point - this was the best photo I could get. Seriously. Shoot me now.

Monday, March 1, 2010

32 Flavors of Shoes Giraffe Print Flats


These are my giraffe print flats that have the honor of being on the short list for my narrowed shoe collection. I love these shoes because they go with jeans and suits and are very comfortable.
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Wear it March 1, 2010

Today is the first day of my fast. Yesterday I struggled with how to handle a gift card I have left over from the holidays. I almost used it to buy a pair of adorable shoes but decided to hang on until my August fast break because at that point I may have a better sense of what I "need".

Today's outfit all falls into the "keep" category. I'm wearing my favorite black "suit" from Old Navy along with a pretty green top and a vintage blue necklace. My shoes are pointy toe flats with a brown giraffe print. Although they are very bold - they go with almost everything and are a "shoe in" (heh get it) for the 32 flavors final.

I'll take a photo tonight of the whole outfit but here's a preview (blurry from camera phone). If you look closely you can see I am having an awesome hair day.

Here's the outfit -it looks plain on the carpet but it was cute on. Really.