Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Skirts May Appear Pinker Then They Are

I was so excited to show this outfit today until I discovered that the skirt turned pink in all the photos.   In reality it is a lovely tomato red (seen here back when I apparently had better lighting and a rug in my dining room).  Not that there is anything wrong with pink, but really tomato red is better.  

Jacket: Talbots (via Ebay)
Sweater: J. Crew
Necklace: Banana Republic
Skirt: United Colors of Benetton (via Ebay)
Boots:  ?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My dry cleaner is gaslighting me

I am pretty sure my dry cleaner is trying to gaslight me by shortening all my skirts and dresses so it appears I am getting taller.  I swear this used to be a fairly age appropriate, conservative (for me) dress.  Now it looks like a Julia Roberts Pretty Woman reject.  

Dress and Sweater:  J. Crew
Boots:  Indigo by Clarks

Thursday, October 24, 2013


This outfit was completely unplanned and sort of random, but I am happy with the results.

Jacket:  Talbots (via Goodwill)
Skirt: ModCloth
Shirt: Old Navy
Boots: ? 

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Sartorial White Whale

For years I have been trying to find the perfect winter white outfit.   As goals go, this one is probably one of my least practical as white + me = stains.   However, on Friday I found this off white skirt at the cheap discount place down the street and threw caution to the wind.  The sweater is not quite as yellow as it seems in the photo and I am very happy with the result.

Sweater Max Mara Weekend
Skirt: ? Burlington Coat Factory
Boots: Taryn Rose