Tuesday, November 30, 2010

32 Flavors of Shoes: Tan ankle boots from UO

Yesterday I was obsessing on this really cute pair of boots. Miraculously sanity prevailed and I did not pull the trigger. Fate decided to reward me for my frugality, by dropping these boots on my head last night (NTS work on closet shelving). I got these on sale a while ago but never got around to wearing them until today. They are not leather so they have a stiffness about them. But they are cute and pretty comfortable and since they are ankle boots I do not have to deal with the potential crushing disappointment that the other pair wouldn't fit around my ample calves.

Friday, November 12, 2010

32 Flavors of Shoes: Ugg Lynnea Clog/Boot

I have longstanding obsession with black ankle boots. I have no idea how I am going to narrow my collection to anything even remotely reasonable. One pair that is guaranteed a spot - these Ugg clog boots.

I am NOT a clog person. I know people swear by them but I have never found a pair that works for me. But these are clog boots and I have never met a boot I couldn't love (with the notable exception of the open toe boot which I do not get at all). A few months ago I saw a picture of a pair of No. 6 clog boots and an obsession was born. Since I did not have the $ for the No. 6s I "settled" for these ones by Ugg.

My obsession was so deep I paid FULL PRICE which makes the second time I have ever done that (first time a pair of Hunter Rain Boots a few years ago when I thought I was Princess Diana and would have occasion to wander about soggy English moors).

My one gripe is that the sheepskin lining is not over the whole footbed. Must be some cost cutting measure by Ugg and I do not approve. Ugg should listen to me because it is 2010 and I am one of 6 people who stills wear Uggs!