Monday, May 16, 2011

Blue Monday

I was toying with some color blocking ideas this morning but the effect is not a dramatic as I hoped. Instead I fear it just looks messy. Oh well, for a Monday after a long weekend* I consider it a win that I have on pants and am at work before 9am.

* I took Friday off from work which was one of the best decisions I could have made. I opened my mail for the first time in months and found a settlement check for $400 as well as an Ebates rebate check for $100. I did some much overdue beauty maintenance and I found this purse in the back of my closet. This purse was my introduction to the designer Hayden Harnett, which in turn led me to the Purse Forum and the acquaintance of a lot of very cool women.

Shirt, Sweater, Shoes: Target
Pants: Old Navy
Purse: Hayden Harnett ("Tamasin")
Necklace: eBay


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