Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bellbottom Blues and Diff'rent Strokes

I found these jeans in my closet yesterday. I have no memory of purchasing them but the Old Navy $7 clearance price tag on them was an indicator that it was me who put them there and not some jean* fairy who places very snug jeans in people's closets. This shirt was a Goodwill score from a few weeks ago. A silk shirt for $4? Yes please.

Jeans and sweater: Old Navy
Shirt: Jones NY via Goodwill
Belt: Nine West
Shoes: Bass

Necklaces: ? via eBay

* I once had an hour+ long conversation with my BFF, A, regarding whether in the Theme Song to Diff'rent Strokes the "jeans" in the lyric referred to Jeans or Genes. A was of the opinion it was Genes and I maintain it was Jeans. The debate got rather heated (there may have been wine involved) with A threatening to write Alan Thicke (who co-wrote the song) to ask what he intended. After our respective husbands joined the debate (my husband sided with A and A's husband sided with me) - we reached an impasse.

What do you think? Please comment (and please don't say you were born after Diff'rent Strokes came out (even if it is true) because I will feel old and cry).


jennirane said...

It's "jeans" (i.e. they came in with nothing but the shirts on their backs) BUT it's also a not-so-subtle pun and reveals that even in the "enlightened" late '70s the country still believed in genetic/racial essentialism. I'm sure there's a Pop Culture paper on it out there somewhere LOL.

matilda deathstar said...

Jenni - That is PERFECT. I am forwarding your post to my husband. As of this morning he was still insisting it was "genes" and refused to accept my assertion that the intent agrees with me that it is jeans.

World of Julie said...

Wait, what? No! It's "genes." It's gotta be! (Part of the problem here is clearly that what we hear at age 13, which burns into our craniums, cannot be refuted later on, when we're in our 40s.

World of Julie said...

But more importantly, will I ever get the Diff'rent Strokes theme song out of my head now?

matilda deathstar said...

Julie - mr. deathstar will be happy you are on his side. The only surefire earworm killer I know of is "Silly Love Songs" by Wings. But it is often a case of the cure is worse than the disease.

jennirane said...

There are *also* Psych/Soc papers out there on the stubbornness of husbands, even in the Age of Google LOL. My evidence for the it's "jeans" but an intentional (bad) pun on "genes" is that Alan Thicke wrote it. Canadian Comedian + Denim = Bad Puns.

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