Friday, May 27, 2011

TGIF and why this skirt was $4

I got this skirt a few months ago at Goodwill. I had high hopes for it being my go to summer skirt when I couldn't be bothered to shave my legs. However, now that I see what it does to my hips, I am rethinking its value to my closet. Maybe it will look better when I lose some more weight or if I tailor the waistline. Or maybe there is a reason why someone gave this away.

Happy Friday everyone - have a fabulous (and hopefully long) weekend.

Shirt and shoes: Target
Skirt: Laundry by Shelli Segal via Goodwill
Belt: Probably Old Navy or Gap


overcaffeinated said...

You have a great figure and definitely don't need to lose weight :) Since the skirt seems to be a little low-slung, maybe if you try it with something more fitted on top like a fitted tank or tee?

Mongs said...

$4? Great buy! The chambray shirt and white skirt combo is so chic, the belt is fabulous too.
Thanks for dropping by my blog! Following you.


Sophie said...

Wow, bargain!!

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