Tuesday, October 4, 2011


My parents were married for almost 40 years before my mother passed away in 2005. Early in their marriage my father had this necklace made for my mom, a globe with a small ruby chip on India - where they met. Just like this necklace, I wear this when I want to feel close to my mom or need some extra luck to get me through the day.

Jacket: ? via Burlington Coat Factory
Blouse: Old Navy
Necklace: mom
Black Pants and Suit Jacket (not photographed): Banana Republic


Peggy said...

what a beautiful story! Hey - I am wearing that same shirt here! http://shehathdonewhatshecould.blogspot.com/2011/10/ootd-preachers-wife-polka.html

We have similar tastes I find.

Mongs said...

so lovely. I like the story behind it. I am wearing my mom's things ever so often too since she passed away last month. That's a most beautiful necklace in the world, priceless!


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