Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wear it 2/8/2011

A fairly dull outfit today but also pretty typical of my preferred winter uniform. You may be asking yourself - why did she paint on a pair of jeans this morning. The answer is that I have been wearing the same pair of jeans for over a month and decided I had break into my stash of "pants in waiting" - i.e. jeans the next size smaller. Clearly these are still too snug but they didn't split when I sat down and since I sit behind a desk all day, I decided to risk it. Besides who doesn't love a muffin top*?!?

*What? That doesn't mean delicious pastry? Never mind.

Also featured today is a J. Crew (clearance) sweater and a Hayden Harnett scarf that is making its first outing today. Welcome her aboard and if you have suggestions on how to wear her so I don't look like a gay may from 1978 - I'd appreciate them.



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