Thursday, February 24, 2011

Amish Lawyer*

I hate it when I can't dress to match my mood. I should be wearing jeans and a cozy sweater. Instead I am wearing this dowdy suit. I look like I am about to litigate a barn raising. I think the problem with this suit is the skirt. The jacket is sort of cute. This suit was originally $600 (I got it for less than $80) and is well made. I might see if a seamstress can do something with it. Or next time I am in Lancaster County I might just donate it. The shoes are also a problem. They are awesome shoes but not with this skirt. But I wanted to walk to court today so I chose comfort over style.

In other news, my office is getting out of hand. Believe it or not, this shelf is the neatest thing in my office right now. Anyone want to come over and get me organized? I will buy you some ice cream for your troubles.

Suit: DKNY
Shirt: Old Navy
Tights: ? probably Old Navy
Necklace: Vintage via eBay

Shoes: Kelsi Dagger

* This post contains many Amish jokes. I apologize in advance to my Amish readers.


Quizshow said...

I think the problem is it's one of those suits that has to be worn with the jacket closed at all times. Also, the shirt is throwing the proportions off, but I think you should give it another chance, especially since you're dropping the lb's :)

World of Julie said...

I kind of think this whole outfit is adorable. Seriously. I like it! I think it looks less Amish and more Party-Girl-after-she-became-a-librarian.

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