Monday, February 14, 2011

Wear It 2/14/2011 and THE FIND

You know how certain girls always seem to find the cutest vintage dresses in their grandmother's closet or at their local thrift store? I hate them too. My grandmother only wore saris (pretty but have you ever tried to wear one?) and my local thrift stores never seems to have anything cute certainly never at a price I can afford.

But a few weeks ago I made THE FIND. I was browsing through Etsy and saw this dress for $8. It was being sold for resale so there was no size or any info besides "good vintage condition." Since I am in the lucky (???) position of being overweight and changing sizes - I took a chance and ordered it.

Guess what gentle reader - it fits. Now. Instant gratification. I do think the dress will look better when I am not so chubby but making things smaller is far easier than making them bigger.

So with that very long boring prelude - please welcome the dress to my wardrobe. I would not ordinarily wear something so blingy during the day but it is Valentine' Day and I wanted to be cute just in case mr. deathstar takes me out tonight.

What do you think? I am convinced that this dress would look 100X more perfect if I had burgundy tights, but I don't (and I have looked high and low).

Also, check out the SHOES. These shoes have been in my closet for years and have never seen the light of day. I bought them because they were $10 and I loved the color. Although they are (IMO) sexy as hell, I have never been able to walk in them. However, since walking in heels is my only exercise routine I decided to throw caution to the wind and wear them. For those of you who remember the great ankle break of 2009, don't fear I have flats to change into in case I need to walk for more than a few minutes.

Dress: vintage via Etsy
Tights: Old Navy
Shoes: Nine West circa 2004?
Cardigan: Target clearance
Necklace: gift from bff


World of Julie said...

LOVE the dress! Yay, you!

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