Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Springtime at the Library

This skirt was named a "library" skirt, which seems to indicate that the folks at Urban Outfitters are hanging out at very different libraries than I ever did. Name notwithstanding, I like the simplicity of this skirt and the fact that it has a partially elastic waistband for weeks when my diet goes by the wayside (be sure to order a size up if you are tempted by it). I found this sweater on for $6 (90% off) a few weeks ago. The green is a little lighter/brighter than I typically wear but it works well with this skirt. It will also work well with the aqua pencil skirt that lives in my imaginary wardrobe.

Sweater: Jones NY
Skirt and Shoes: Urban Outfitters


Peggy said...

LOVE this outfit!! Do you have a link for the sweater? I wonder if they still have it?

matilda deathstar said...

Sorry Peggy - I got the last one! I just checked eBay (searching on Jones New York Limeade) and there is only one in size 3X. But maybe one will come up later.

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