Monday, August 15, 2011

Garfield, Star Wars Cookies and other bits of random

Like Garfield, I am always tired and grumpy on Monday mornings. But something about a rainy Monday morning really amps up the grumpy factor for me. The one upside of today is that I get to spend the afternoon at an off-site meeting hosted by a legal super-hero.

How was everyone's weekend? I spent mine freebasing chocolate cake and Star Wars cookies and cleaning my bathroom. I am just THAT fun.

Not fun is this outfit which is what happens when you spend your morning goofing off and then realize you are late to work and need to grab the first things you find in your closet.

Shirt: Sweet Pea via eBay
Pants: J. Crew Premium Bistro Pants (love)
Shoes: RJ Girl


Mongs said...

I like that top, the color and print look great on you! And you look chic in pants as always.


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