Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not Expecting

In case you were wondering, I am not pregnant. I just chose to wear a dress that gives that impression. August always presents a sartorial challenge for me (and probably most fashion obsessed women). The practical side of me wants to wear a light summer dress because it is 85 degrees outside but the other side of me is craving cozy sweaters, wool skirts, and boots. So today I faced my dual personality head on and paired a light white dress with my new (totally awesome) ankle boots. I think I like it - what do you think?

I was also very excited to find this necklace this morning. It was hiding under a scarf that I never wear (but almost did today). I can't remember where and when (or even if) I bought it but it is awesome so I'm declaring it mine.

Dress and cardigan: Old Navy
Boots: DV for Target
(if you wear a size 7.5 buy them here, you will not be sorry)
Necklace: ?


Peggy said...

cool boots- i looked for them on the sale rack but never found!

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