Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day to Night

Today I needed to dress for two different events - court during the day and an evening out with friends later on. So I found this black wrap dress in the back of my closet which works for evening and with my trusty white blazer I can go to court. I will fix my collar before I get to court. Probably.

Dress: Old Navy
Blazer: Theory via Goodwill
Shoes: Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx
Necklaces: eBay


Mongs said...

this dress looks fabulous on you. The fit is perfect. I like the sash, it shows off your waistline. It's feminine and sleek! I love the accessories too. The white jacket is a great way to make it look corporate in the day. Well done!


Katie said...

Love this :) xo

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