Friday, June 17, 2011

The Red Coats Are Coming!

I have wanted a red trench coat ever since I missed out on the cute one Target was selling a few months ago. So imagine my excitement when I found this baby on clearance a few weeks ago. It retailed for $398 and I picked it up for $100, which is way more than I typically spend but I reason it is a classic piece I'll have for years.

Lurking underneath is a simple but (I think) flattering t-shirt.

Coat: BCBG
Jeans: Old Navy
T-shirt: Gap outlet
Shoes: Bass


Mongs said...

Your coat is a beauty, great buy! The flare legged jeans is awesome with the trench coat



How boring am I that my favorite part of this outfit is your jeans?! I'm sorry but they're just the perfect fit and flare! But yeah, red trench coat for that kinda price is a steal of a deal!

matilda deathstar said...

Even better the jeans were $7!

Peggy said...

love the coat!!!!

Meagan said...

That t-shirt is adorable and you will definitely have the coat for years. What a simple but great piece!

Sarah said...

I like that tee, but your coat is kind of stealing this post's thunder, you know? Congrats on finding that staple you were looking for!

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