Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Everybody Everywear - Lace Edition

I have wanted an aqua colored skirt since I saw Diane Von Furstenberg's pre-fall collection (warning viewing link may result in a desire to sell a kidney in order to buy the whole collection). When I first saw this skirt at Goodwill I rejected it because, although the color was perfect, it has pleats which tend to be unflattering and the label said it was a size 12). Believe it or not I rejected it on three separate occasions before I decided to take a chance and try it on.

Not only did it fit perfectly but it also did not do the unflattering things to my hips that most pleated skirts do (I'm talking to YOU Gap black pleated skirt that I never wear). Best of all - it was $3.00.

On reflection the skirt is a little schoolgirl/young for me, but when I have ever let age inappropriateness stop me? The skirt also gave me a chance to try out the navy/aqua color combination I've been obsessing over ever since I saw this fab blogger's post. Conveniently, one of my navy shirts is also lace which makes it perfect for today's EBEW link celebration.

Close up of the lace detail.

Shirt: Target
Cardigan: ? via Amazon
Skirt: ? via Goodwill
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: eBay

Lace | Everybody, Everywear


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love aqua and navy together - and the pop of red is so fun!

Danielle said...

I love the color combos in this outfit... and we have matching Target lace today! Mine is actually the dress, just tucked in as a top! - http://daniellesotherblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/lace-it-up.html


Linda said...

I don't think it is too school girl at all! It looks great. And I love the color paired with the color of your lace top!
Thanks for joining us at EBEW!

eek said...

I think this is a perfect outfit. I love the color blocked effet and the skirt is the perfect length, so not school-girlish at all :)

Sarah said...

The colors go together so well on this outfit and I like the pleats. Don't you love when someone at Goodwill surprises you?

Sherry said...

I am so glad you got the skirt. You can't be too old for this look. It doesn't look like you are "trying to be young" at all. The color combo of the entire outfit. It is so cute! Good job! I found you via EBEW. I will follow for awhile since I like your style. Cheers! Sherry

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