Thursday, June 23, 2011

Human Phototropism

It is a cloudy day but as you can see from this photo my boobs are apparently phototropic and are doing their best to reach for the sun. Seriously - this has got to be in the top five most awkward poses I have ever posted here. The only good thing about this photo is the fact I was able to adjust the color enough to disguise the fact that my blue bra is very visible under this shirt. Kind of makes you wonder why I did not just stay in bed today.

Shirt: Bass
Pants: Old Navy
Belt: ? via Goodwill (more thrifted finds here)
Shoes: Me Too


Mongs said... are so funny. I like this androgynous look on you. Very boyish feminine chic.


Meagan said...

You're too funny. That belt totally ties this outfit together. Thanks for linking up!

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