Friday, June 10, 2011

Good Advice Unheeded

When you graduate law school "they" warn you to always keep a suit in your office so that you are prepared if you are suddenly called into court. Very good advice, which, of course, I have failed to adhere to. So this morning I will be at court, covering for my boss, wearing this dress. Although it could be worse, it could be better. Although it is not court appropriate, this is a cute a dress. I got it on clearance months ago and it finally fits.

When I was thinking about wearing it today, I thought it was much longer which would allow me to skip shaving my legs. Clearly, I was wrong but I still didn't shave. Hope the mediator likes hairy girls! This dress is a lot more flattering than this photo suggests. I only had time for one crappy photo. I may re-shoot later so you can see the pretty sleeve details.

Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: vintage via eBay


Meagan said...

I think the dress is really cute. It's what I'd want my lawyer to wear!

overcaffeinated said...

So cute... I think it's a great suit alternative. I love those wedges!

Piggy wants Manolos said...

Hey, it's a dark color, that makes it conservative and therefore lawyer appropriate :)

Anonymous said...

haha well you will be one sexy attorney. Loving the wedges...maybe we can start to change the whole "suit" rule..I keep trying though I get crazy looks! haha

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