Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Product Endorsement of the Day

When I was on vacation last month (it feels like years ago!) I had a facial at an Elemis spa. Hands down (face down?) the best facial I have ever had. You could see the improvement immediately.

Although I resisted the urge to buy all the products then, I later succumbed to the 20% Bing cashback at and picked up the papaya enzyme mask. OMG this stuff is amazing. Use it once and your skin will feel like it did when you were 6. I have to resist using it everyday. It is pricey but it is worth every penny.

Try it and report back. You'll thank me - I promise.

Edit: Ok I just noticed the advert says this product is "
Perfect for complexions which are sensitive or mature." Um yeah, the brits are such buzz kills. First they poison our gulf and now they call me old and sensitive! Seriously though if you are 30+ and want to brighten/smooth your skin - this is the stuff.


tania said...

that's quite an endorsement. glad you can bring home some of the luxury you had a the spa. it's also a hit or miss when it comes to masks so, i'm glad you found one that works for you on the first try.

i'm going to pick this up once my supply runs out... being over 30 and all. :-/

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