Monday, June 7, 2010

32 Flavors of Bags - Hayden Harnett Biblio in Olive

I ordered this bag eons ago to use up some credits/coupons I had but it was only delivered last week. Although I have a lot of green bags (see below), this one is different enough in color and look that it deserves a spot in the top 32. The leather is deliciously soft, the size is perfect, and the look is fun while sophisticated (or so I tell myself). I may end up removing the "bling" (tassel and paddle) because they add weight and businesses that is a bit much. But for now I'm going all in.


NamkhaDrolma said...

LOVE the green bags. They are my weakness too. And you have THE BEST green bags!

tania said...

i don't have a green bag YET. that mustardy green one in the corner is beautiful. whazzit?

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