Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another reason why I am an anti-social introvert

According to some management consultant I worked with eons ago, I am destined for some sort of breakdown in the future because my personality thrives on conflicting needs. The need to move things along quickly along with the need to think things through; the need for social approval along with a need to be in charge; the need for a great tasting beer that is also less filling .... you get the picture.

This morning I was walking into my office building with a someone who works for a different company on another floor. She issued the opening salvo - remarking on the extreme temperature drop between the outside and the air conditioned lobby. Feeling on the spot to make small talk, I remarked how the air conditioning does not make its way up to my office and thanks to the position of my office I spend my afternoons broiling in the sun (seriously it is often 80 or 90 degrees in my office). Instead of letting it go - she responded with "think of the people in Afghanistan, it is 130 degrees there."

Seriously, WTF? Do I look like someone who is not aware that people in Afghanistan are fucked every way possible? I know that my life is better than 90% of the world's population - but I don't need to be reminded of that all the time. Or do I?


tania said...

Her response was totally inappropriate. How does talk go from weather and heat to Western guilt? In reference to Afghan weather... just because it's warmer there doesn't mean it's not hot here.

Blech. I sometimes (okay, often!) complain about the heat and many respond by saying something like... I should like heat because I'm Asian. WTH?

I openly love humanity but, secretly hate people.


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