Monday, July 25, 2011

Overly Neutral

Good afternoon readers. How was your weekend? Although Sunday was all work, my Saturday was lovely. To help me get my mind off massive work stress, mr. deathstar accompanied me on a shopping trip. First stop, TJ Maxx where I returned some shoes and got some coffee and face wipes while mr. deathstar picked up some booze at the liquor store. Second stop, Savers (thrift store) where I got this suit* and a gorgeous silk blouse for $15. Finally we went to Ikea where we got a new light fixture for our entrance and some fun kitchen toys that we don't need.

* There were actually 2 nearly identical suits at the store, this one and a black one (there was also a fantastic suit by Theory but unless I removed a rib there was no way it would fit). This one seemed more appropriate for summer but I wonder if the black would have been more flattering. Live and learn.

Suit: Ann Taylor Loft via Savers
T-shirt (not visible): Gap
Shoes: Me Too
Necklace: b-day gift from BFF last year.


Mongs said...

I think this neutral one is bright and cheery on you. It looks classy and stylish too. Definitely a great buy!


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