Thursday, July 21, 2011

Everybody Trifty

The lovely ladies at Everybody Everywhere are doing a special thrift edition today. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to show off. I was tempted to wear my fabulous Balenciaga dress but decided to wear something "new" (to me). So say hello to this cute skirt from St. John. I don't know about your thrift stores, but in my area who ever does the pricing was clearly taught that certain designers are worth charging more for. Although it is hit or miss (hence the $11 Balenciaga dress), St. John is almost always priced crazy high (often $100 or more). Somehow this skirt slipped through and I picked it up for $20 (which is super expensive for my thrifting standards but a bargain when you consider the quality). It was 10 sizes too big so I had to get it altered (which added to the cost) but I think it will be worth it for all the use I'll get out of it.

I can't wait to wear this in the fall with tall black boots and a black turtleneck!

Skirt: St. John via Goodwill
T-shirt and Sweater: Gap
Broach: Local consignment store $1 bin.
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Better shot of colors.

EBEW: Thrift

More thrifted outfits over here!


Mongs said...

that's a great skirt! I love the colors and details. This outfit is something different from your usual office outfits, it has a softer and lighter look, which is nice too.


Katy Rose said...

Love the color and pattern of this thrifted skirt. And now I need to check out your Balenciaga thrifted dress because that must be an amazing find! - Katy

Meagan said...

That skirt is super cute. Thanks for linking up!

Peggy said...

great stripes on that skirt! I always miss EBEW!

Anonymous said...

Great skirt! It's going to work really well in cooler months too (might I suggest colorful tights?). The thrift shops around here charge more for designer too :(

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