Friday, July 22, 2011

Blue Heels Are the New Brown Flats

Remember when I said I wanted some brown flats to wear with my brown suits? Well I had a credit at TJ Maxx and saw these electric blue heels just sitting there. Although I am not a fan of kitten heels (kittens, yes, kitten heels, no), I have fondness for electric blue. So I tried them on and they fit perfectly and were so comfortable that I had to buy them.

As I was taking this photograph a man from the mental health facility across the street from my office was running up and down the street wearing a Scream mask and black cape and refusing to let cars into the facility's parking lot. The cops showed up and I had to cut my photo session short because the only thing weirder than a man in a Scream mask is a girl taking photos of herself.

Shirt and Belt: Old Navy
Jeans: Merona via Goodwill
Shoes: Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx


Vanessa said...

I love the sunlight in this photo. It works wonderfully with that super summery yellow plaid. And blue heels? Yes, i'll sign on for this new fashion rule!

Mongs said...

I love the gingham top, it's really adorable, I saw one on the anthropologie catalogue. The purple heels adds a stunning effect to the whole outfit.


Franca said...

I am a fellow kitten heel disliker and electric blue lover, and I love these shoes! I am impressed you take photos in public!

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