Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What not to wear 3/16/2011

One of the good things about taking photos of your outfits is you can view things more objectively and often things look better than they did in the mirror. One of the bad things is that often times things look much worse and you don't realize it until after you are at work and stuck in an inappropriate outfit all day.

I don't have time to discuss all things I think are wrong with this outfit so I'll just note the obvious. 1. the dress has hearts on it. I am not a hearts person. 2. although the lace edge on the slip was designed to show - on me it looks unintentional and sloppy. 3. these boots are too big and my feet look and feel like boats (which I guess is appropriate given the rain we're having but not tenable for the long term). I'm afraid this dress is headed to the give away bag. Until then I'll be hiding behind my desk.


Piggy wants Manolos said...

I think this dress is cute! and I don't think the lace edge looks sloppy at all.....why not try it with something else....a little motorcycle jacket and leggings maybe?

matilda deathstar said...

Good idea PwM - I like the idea of motorcycle jacket. Maybe I'll try that before it goes permanently into the give away pile!

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