Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wear It 3/30/2011

As much as I love clothing, I am a bad shopper. I tend to buy a lot on impulse or because it is on sale only to find out it doesn't work for me. I am working very hard to reform this habit (hence the blog) but I still fall victim to the lure of the clearance rack - "you can't not buy this at that price" mentality. Although this tendency often results in a lot of unworn clothing - sometimes I luck out. Such as the case with this dress. Purchased on clearance last year and, I think, far more flattering than I expected it to be.

I expect this will look better with bare legs and sandals but since it seems winter is stubbornly sticking around - today is a tights day.

Dress: Chadwicks
Tights: Old Navy
Shoes: Camper
Belt: Nine West


World of Julie said...

I kind of want that dress framed as wall art.

tania said...

yeah... it looks like a marimekko print.

you look great in red!

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