Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wear It 3/17/2011

After yesterday's fashion disaster, I decided to play it safe today (too safe?). I actually started the morning in my lovely new (to me) Jil Sander pencil skirt but at the last minute I remembered I was going to be walking around a lot today and I didn't want to deal with heels. So I just grabbed some jeans and a cardigan ta da - another classically boring outfit. At least is slightly more age appropriate.

I LOVE these jeans but they have become a bit baggy in the ass area. Anyone know how to target shrink pants?

Jeans: Chadwicks (random but I love them and they were $7!)
Tank: Gap
Sweater: Target

I'm glad I finally dug these boots out from underneath the bed. They are from Target and although they are not as comfortable as my real Frye harness boots - they are perfectly adequate for the price ($40 on sale).

Boots: Target
Mess: all me!


Piggy wants Manolos said...

I love this outfit....and in fact, I wanted this cardigan too, but my mom always c*ck-blocked my when I tried to buy it....I think the whole outfit is perfectly junior league-ish with a bad ass kick thanks to the boots :)

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