Monday, January 31, 2011

Wear it 1/31/2011

Sweater: BCBG clearance
Skirt: H&M used via Bonanzle
Leggings: Old Navy
Boots: Miz Mooz
Socks: J. Crew

I am so in love with this skirt. I might ask it to be my co-Valentine (mr. deathstar gets first dibs since he's stuck with me since 1991 and I've only had this skirt since Friday).

I scored it for $15 on Bonanzle on a whim and am so excited. The skirt is about 3 inches too long (it hits mid-calf) so I need to learn to sew or take it to a tailor*. In the meantime I have rolled up the waistband and will have to wear it with a bulky sweater to hide the band. I may be delusional but I think it looks okay.

Speaking of sweaters - I picked up this BCBG sweater on clearance months ago and it finally fits. When I bought it it looked HUGE on the hangers and I assumed I should buy a small which, of course, they did not have. So I got a medium thinking I'd wear it while I was still heavy. But when I got it home, it didn't fit. You saw that coming didn't you. But now it does so yay!

* I am postponing the alterations as until I lose the rest of the weight because I plan to keep the skirt for a while.


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