Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wear It 1/25/2011

No full length shot today since all the ones I took made me look like I had no feet. Which, in my morning haze, seemed like a VERY BIG DEAL. I may revise my thinking tonight.

The good news is that if you use your imaginations you will be able to recreate my outfit in your head. When creating this mental image please take a few lbs off my thighs. Thanks.

Today I am wearing a pair of black cotton wide legged pants which would be fabulous if it were springtime. They are not cut out for the 20 degree snow storm we're having but they are clean and my office has heat so I threw caution to the wind. On top of said pants I am wearing one of my favorite sweaters of all time. It is a (adjective alert) black ribbed merino wool boatneck 3/4 length sleeve sweater from J. Crew circa 1998. I snagged it on super sale and I have kept it all these years, even when I grew way too fat to wear it. I am so happy it fits again.

To break things up I threw on this cute scarf that I got for $1 on ebay. I bought this before animal prints came back in vogue and choices were limited. One of these days I will replace it with something a little more fabulous.


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