Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blue Suit

A few months ago I saw a gorgeous hunter green pantsuit in a magazine and I became obsessed with finding something similar (for less than $2,000).  While not hunter green, this teal blue suit is quite suitable (get it?).  I  find blue a challenging color to work with but I can think of a few things in my closet that will work with this shade.  NOT, however, the shirt I am wearing now, which will be heading for the give away bag once I get home.  

Suit: Pim and Larkin via Piperlime
Shirt: Tucker for Target
Shoes: Max Studio


Anonymous said...

I love the shoes, and the background. (and this is Rilee, bee tee dubs)

J.CrewJD said...

I love your blue suit! It is very chic.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I've been considering getting a suit with a pair of those slim cropped trousers. What a great way to show off a pair great heels!

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