Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Break Your Ankle

In an effort to make this blog educational as well as ridiculous, here is some sound advice. In 2009 I broke my ankle walking across a parking lot. So I am an expert on the subject of why breaking your ankle is bad*. 1. It hurts. A lot. More than you might think considering the bone I broke was smaller than a dime. 2. You might spend a whole summer sitting on your couch instead of playing outside. 3. Nearly 3 years later you will still find pulling on boots incredibly difficult and thus, once you get them on, you will be trapped in an outfit that makes you look like an Oklahoma State co-ed in 1976.

* In fairness, there are some upsides, such as Percoset and the chance to watch every episode of NCIS being re-run on USA.

Sweater and Skirt: Old Navy (clearance - total cost less than $10)
Boots: Timberland


Sunshine said...

That was extremely educational. I will make a mental note to avoid breaking my ankle.

Anonymous said...

At least you look like a STYLISH coed :). Love the striped top!

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