Thursday, March 8, 2012

Uncluttering Report Part Two: DVDs, Electronics, and Games

I spent a portion of yesterday drooling over the new iPad and wondering whether it was time to upgrade my first generation iPad (if not the most prized, certainly the most used item in my home).  This lead me to investigate outlets for selling my current iPad which in turn reminded me that has a trade in program where you can trade your unused electronics, video games and DVDs for an Amazon Gift Card.   

The trade in prices are far less than you might get if you sold your stuff on eBay or craigslist, but it is far quicker and easier.  Just by going through one drawer in my house I found DVDs and games that will bring me $60.  Plus they are willing to give me $44 for Henry my very old iPod classic.   

So for a few minutes of my time I've made $104 in gift certificates which will fund my coffee and book habit for at least a month.  

If only they took purses!  


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Amazon did that, and I can certainly use it. Congrats on beginning to divest yourself of extraneous stuff.

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