Thursday, December 1, 2011

matilda the plumber

If you ever wondered whether my various wardrobe malfunctions were limited to my work wardrobe, this morning's adventure showed that they are not.

Act One: 7am a sleepy matilda decides that she should go for a jog before work. She puts on her sweatpants and a fleece and heads out the door. The sweatpants feel a little loose, an important fact that matilda ignores.

Act Two: matilda begins her jog/waddle around the neighborhood feeling smugly superior to the people she passes because she is exercising! The sweatpants continue feel loose, which matilda reasons is proof she is burning ALL THE CALORIES.

Act Three: at the end of the jog/waddle, matilda reaches to pull up her pants only to realize that as they slipped down, so had her underwear - exposing the top of her ass to the world at large.

Act Four: matilda plays it safe by wearing a simple dress to work.

Dress: J. Crew
Boots: Clarks
Wonder Woman Mug: gift from BFF


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