Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yesterday I didn't have time to blog my outfit but you did not miss much (very conservative black dress with matching blazer). I wanted to wear something more fun today and was pleasantly surprised to find this dress in the mail last night. My friend M had ordered it from Target before everything sold out but it was too big for her. She generously offered it to me and I (cementing my title as official Missoni for Target Whore) jumped at it. I actually tried to pair the dress with a more conservative solid sweater but this one worked best. The dress is clearly short and I suspect in the future I will pair it with leggings or tights so I can bend over during the day.

Sweater and Dress: Missoni for Target
Boots: Very Volatile


Peggy said...

Oh I love Missoni!! I got that cardi! I love it! I have been like everyday for over a week looking for the black and brown open cardi. Can't find it!! Do u happen to have it and u want to sell it to me?? Heehee

Mongs said...

I have been seeing a lot of these Missoni items from Target, lovely aren't they? Especially when it's a hand-me-down! It's a beautiful fall outfit.....


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