Friday, April 29, 2011

Wear It 4/29/2011

This outfit started out with me deciding I didn't feel like shaving my legs or wearing heels. From there I selected a long black skirt and this t-shirt. I remembered reading that to make a long skirt look less "hippie" you should pair it with a fitted blazer. So I grabbed this white cotton blazer by Theory which I scored at the Goodwill a few weeks ago. The result was I looked like a middle aged lady who tried to dress up for Wills and Kate's big day*. So off came the skirt and on came jeans. Thus endeth the story of where I try to get fashion advice from books.

* Also my thighs were rubbing together uncomfortably. They were the hardest hit victims of the great Easter candy weight gain of 2011. Donations for their recovery can be sent care of this blog.

Jacket: Theory (via Goodwill)
T-shirt and Necklace: J. Crew
Jeans: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Indigo/Clarks
Watch: Gift from the Easter Bunny


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