Thursday, September 2, 2010

Horizontal Stripes

I am completely obsessed with stripes at the moment.

As a fat girl I have been avoiding horizontal stripes for years. After all women's media has made it clear that horizontal stripes make you look fat. But here's the thing. I am fat. And although I am working on getting less fat I'm not there yet. Rather than waiting until the mythical day when I may be thin again, I've decided to embrace my stripe obsession.

Which brings me to today's outfit which is remarkable in a few ways:
1. the entire outfit (jeans/t-shirt/sweater) cost less than $10 brand new.
2. the jeans are two sizes smaller than I used to wear (and were $1.37).
3. the t-shirt is size L. No xxs in front. It is a bit snug (clearly) but I wanted to wear stripes today and I'm not seeing clients so I took a risk.


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