Monday, August 9, 2010

On Stuff

In a odd bit of synchronicity this weekend, this article was published at the same time I unearthed a rather embarrassing number of Space Bags full of clothing that I had hid from myself.

On the one hand this discovery was awesome because I now have a lot more things to wear if/when I get smaller. On the other hand this discovery makes me question just how much progress I have really made in my quest to reduce my stuff.

In an effort to learn something from my angst I am doing something I have never done before ..... I am documenting my wardrobe. Progress has been slow (I clearly have no future as an historian or archivist) but I have learned a few things such as:

  • If our future economy is based on black button down shirts and black sweaters - I will be RICH!
  • I have worn a LOT of sizes in the last five years.
  • I probably need to face the fact that I can no longer wear mini-skirts.
More to follow!


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