Monday, July 26, 2010

Catching up

Hello all. It has been a busy couple of weeks. I went to Vegas for a few days (AMAZING) and came back to a ridiculous work load. This past weekend was donation day. We did some serious cleaning of the garage and donated a lot of stuff - including 5 bags of clothing from yours truly.

Unfortunately not everything was eligible for donation so I still need to get rid of some stuff. Maybe this is the year that I will find the dump in my town (I've lived here almost 30 years and I still cannot find the damn place).

In other news my ban is on a temporary hiatus while I deal with the side effects of dieting. Don't fear I have not returned to my old habits, but I will need to buy some things when I start to get smaller. Sadly all my old clothing fits but I suspect in a few months it will not. Since I don't want to spend a lot of money on clothing I will wear for a few months - I shopping sales when I find them. This weekend I scored some $10 jeans so I bought 3 different sizes for the future.

I am also making plans for a RADICAL shift in wardrobe reduction. I am jumping on the trend of making do with less and planning a perfect very edited wardrobe for when I am done dieting. I don't think I can go as low as 6 pieces but I want to try 15-20. Radical and kind of exciting.

In the meantime I am still editing my shoes and bags and wearing what I have.


World of Julie said...

Do you have a good second-hand store near you? I just spent about $30 on a bunch of stuff to carry me through until my regular clothes fit again.

Also, did you see this article in the NYT about the wardrobe diet? People choose only six items from their closet and wear them for a month.

tania said...

congrats on your weight loss journey. it's tough to dress when you're in between sizes but, it seems like you've got a good transitional plan.

as for the 15-20 pieces of clothing. that is radical AND exciting. i think it'd be very liberating not being chained to the closet. another good step to simplification. i may attempt the same thing when i need to buy new clothes. (going through a 'get healthy' program too.)

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