Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crazy Pants

The last time I was at my doctor, discussing my chronic anxiety issues, the doctor asked   whether I was inclined to any out of control behavior - like compulsive shopping.  According to him, this is only a concern if you buy unnecessary things - like a Ferrari.  However, I suspect that a better example might be these pants.  While these pants cost considerably less than a Ferrari (Old Navy Clearance!) I am pretty sure that lumpy 40 something women should not be purchasing hot pink stretch cropped pants - much less wearing them in public.  

Pants:  Old Navy
Shirt: Tucker for Target
Shoes: Me Too


Anonymous said...

Well, you certainly do NOT look lumpy. And who says we can't wear certain things? I think they're cute.

But I am with you on the compulsive purchase thing. There is a T.J. Maxx within walking distance of my office, and if I have a bad morning at work I have found myself there 'destressing' during lunch.

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