Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I own a lot of many pink sweaters, even though I don't like pink and don't really look good in it. There has been a small piece of cracker under my desk for over a week, supporting my theory that our cleaning people do not vacuum my office (not that I blame them since the floor in my office is usually a landmine of files and papers). I should probably get off my ass and throw away the cracker. There is a serious shortage of decent pens in my office. I would give the one decent pen I have if I could get the entire Thanksgiving weekend off from work. Injuries are decimating my fantasy football teams. Kermit is my favorite Muppet. It took me three times as long to get dressed this morning, only to come up with this dull outfit.

Sweater: Lands End Canvas
Jacket and Necklace: J. Crew (jacket via Goodwill)
Jeans: ? $6 on Amazon
Boots: Taryn Rose


Mongs said...

I think you l;ook great in pink. this nice pinstriped jacket makes you look really slim and sleek. Or have you lost some weight recently? I like it with the jeans and boots.


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I love this look on you! If you don't mind me saying, you have a fantastic figure!

I had loose candy under my old cube office desk foooorreever ... but then again when the cleanup crew is thorough and I've noticed things have been moved around, I get ticked off - so there's no win for them, haha!

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